Chic on the Cheap!

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EVERY woman can afford to look fabulous and chic, even if on a very tight or non-existent budget!  “Budget chicas ” turn to resale, consignment, and charity shops to find awesome outfits for that interview, first day on the job, special event, exciting date, or just that everyday goal to feel special! You can find great deals for children and spouses too! Some charities give shopping vouchers to people with no income, especially abused women and children, and men in rehabilitation programs, so they can get clothes and accessories without paying for them. So! Check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Charity Guild, and other consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange,  Hand Me Downs, Designer Exchange, More Than You Can Imagine, etc., that feature from low, medium to high end fashions, prices, and great sales!  Happy Shopping!


Photo Credit: NY Times


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